10 Nov

Trigger The Bloodshed are back with their third full-length in as many years and by the evidence of Degenerate they have not even considered the thought of relenting. The breed of Death Metal on offer her is as brutal as expected with the standard prominence of consistent rapid fire on the kit met with ferocious work on the axe including some fitting technical flicky bits and some impressive solo work, “The Soulful Dead” in particular is my pick of the latter. Trigger have certainly gone at this one with the same intensity and aggression as Degenerates‘ predecessors creating a hellacious melee on the senses. Whether these common attributes of a Death Metal album, albeit fairly well mastered is enough to see this band progress, is another issue in its entirety.

It must be said that there are some very, very respectable tracks on this album that will stomp their way through your chest while crashing your head into another dimension altogether. “Dead Vein” and “Hollow Prophecy” to name a few exemplify a maturity on Trigger’s behalf that enables accessibility into an otherwise crazy explosion of loud instruments played out of their skins. There is a problem that lies within this quality unfortunately, and that is that whilst producing a stellar record, Trigger The Bloodshed have failed to produce something dynamic that will be remembered. They have more than found their sound and can make one hell of a racket, but what appears to now be a comfortable sound needs to be exploited to make their music memorable in order for it to be placed on a pedestal amongst the classics.

Trigger The Bloodshed fans and many of the genre will love this, and rightly so, but those searching for something considered to be of an elite class may be slightly disappointed. This is a young band though, and there is plenty of time ahead of these aspiring boys from Bristol for them to really reach the pinnacle of their field, and I certainly would not bet against it happening in the future with the right guidance.


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