20 Nov

It’s hard to believe when listening to “Broken Promise” that Reading’s Attention Thieves are releasing their debut single and not their 10th or 20th. Formed in 2009, these youngsters have been turning the heads of critics and audiences alike with their explosive live shows and energetic song writing, recruiting a solid fan base along the way. The time is nigh for these boys to really progress, and the release of “Broken Promise” certainly won’t hinder this! Instead, it is going to place this band on the tips of so many tongues and launch them towards the dizzy heights of stardom.

The single itself is an absolute belter of a debut, and even after previously hearing raw versions of this track, I was left with goosebumps. Everything appears to fall naturally for these guys, and the talent is in abundance throughout the band. From the epic deliverance of vocalist Alex Green, the catchy hooks of he and lead guitarist James Harris, the brutish bass work from Ryan Davies and the exquisitely talented Simon Chambers on the skins, this quartet are quite the package. The blend of rock ‘n’ roll and Indie on offer here doesn’t stray too far from the mainstream, however it must be noted that the way in which this band execute each genre makes them unique. Whilst “Broken Promise” comes through with a relatively Indie feel to it, Attention Thieves bring a harder edge to their music giving it that full blown Rock anthem feeling.

Still in the twighlight of what looks to be a promising career, Attention Thieves have the credentials to make it, and if they continue to release tracks like “Broken Promise” it will not take long for them to climb the ladder of which so many fall at the first rung.


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