13 Dec

Oh. My. Jesus.

Metallica have been announced as the third and final headliner of Sonisphere 2011, and they’re only bringing Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax with them!

This will be the first time ever that a UK stage has been graced with the big four. Is it possible for any festival to even begin to match this? I think not.

Sonisphere have confirmed that the big four will play friday night, with Metallica headlining, Biffy Clyro will play the saturday and Slipknot will end the fest on sunday.

The organisers have also warned that day tickets may not be available as the massive demand for massive bands means it could sell out on weekend ticket sales alone.

Don’t wait around, be a part of history and get your tickets now.

Three Day Festival Ticket £165
Four Day Festival Ticket £175
Three Day Family Ticket £175
Four Day Family Ticket £185
Three Day Access Ticket £165
Four Day Access Ticket £175

Buy tickets before January 1 2011 and get a free ticket to Sonisphere in Poland as well as a choice of either the Czech Sonisphere or Austria’s  Nova Rock Festival.



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